SQL SERVER 2008 – How does one generate primary key values for a table

To generate Primary Key values for a column in SQL SERVER table we have a Property IDENTITY( seed , increment )


It is the value that is stored in the first row loaded into the database.


Is the incremental value that gets added each time a row loaded after the first one.

You must specify both the seed and increment value or none of them.

If none of them is specified, then default is taken as  (1,1).

Here is the Script how we can use the Identity Property

Step 1 : Creating a table Customer table with a primary key

create table Customer(custId int Primary Key IDENTITY(1,1),

Name varchar(30))

Step 2: Insert values to the Customer table

insert into Customer values(‘Ravi’)

insert into Customer values(‘david’)

Output :

select * from Customer

Reference : Dilip Kumar Jena ( https://sqlexplore.wordpress.com )


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